Raising Awareness and Saving Planet Earth. One Piece at a Time.

Our foundation was inspired by the need for our youth to understand the importance of taking care of the world we live in.

We believe if every person focuses on picking up one piece each we can make a serious impact on the quality of our future as a whole.

Our Mission Statement: Here at 1 Piece Each it’s always been our mission to raise awareness about the effects we humans have on our planet and give people a way to make a difference.

We instill lifelong environmental awareness through the use of a clear and comprehensive curriculum carefully crafted by teachers and researchers all over the world.

Alongside our affiliates educational curriculum, there is a hands-on component where the students can make an immediate impact through local beach cleanup initiatives.

The result of this a conscious and educated future generation who is more aware of the human footprint and the devastation we have caused in the environment.