How to get involved!

We have many options for reaching out in your community! Contact us to start your version of an existing program, get involved with one happening near you, or to start your own planet-helping event!

Do something original on your birthday and impact the environment in a positive way with a birthday bash cleanup event. It’s real simple. 

  • Step-1: Pick a location and date for your cleanup.
  • Step-2: Make an event page on Facebook and invite all your friends to attend. The birthday WorldChanger will receive a FREE tshirt and the attendees of the birthday party can order shirts for $15 (team price).
  • Step-3: Pick up orange buckets from Home Depot and apply 1pieceeach sticker.
  • Step-4: Have your cleanup and post plenty of pics to social media tagging #BirthdayCleanupBash #1PieceEach

We help troops organize clean-ups provding equipment and contacts in your area. The Boy and Girl Scouts have always been dedicated to learnign about the planet and helping. Each time a group does a cleanup they receive a free patch and sticker. A local community clean-up is a great way to help. Contact us today!

Katie Reed - 18 - AZ

Hello, I am Katie Reed, the Arizona Ambassador for 1 Piece Each. I became involved with this amazing organization through posts on Instagram and took a stand to help provide awareness myself. The ocean has been part of my life since I was little. I went from crawling in the sand to building sand castles to surfing every chance I have. Every living thing, including us humans, are impacted in some way by the sea. It is the main source of life on our planet and harmed greatly by ever growing issue of pollution. It is important for our younger generation to take action in preserving our environment as they are the next leaders in society. My goal is to positively influence each and every one of you to do your part in cleaning up our mess. Like the name says: if we all just picked up one piece, the world would be a different place. Be the change. 

This Campaign allows for business owners to give an incentive to their customers to do a local cleanup.  These incentives include but are not limited to (free coffee, free draft beer, free beverage, free slice of pizza 10$ off paddle boarding) it can be whatever you want to give away.  The participant must post a cleanup picture and tag the participating business as well as 1PieceEach.

We have partnered with some awesome restaurants to help combat the most common piece of trash we find on our beaches, Plastic Straws! Not only are these some of the most briefly yet widely used plastics, they are also some of the most harmful because of thier small size. Plastic straws are often fatally consumed by marine wildlife.